Moving from centralized banking
to banqueHODL, the crypto bank you own.

Traditional bank cards and wire transfers are outdaded. Exchange funds, remittance, online and offline payments, instantly and worldwide, now

For you

Banque HODL provides a full crypto experience to individual persons and merchants. As a merchant you can start accepting payments in 200+ currencies in just a few minutes by pluging-in the payment gateway or installing the HODL point-off-sales application (web and app). As a person you can receive, send, exchange currencies (fiat or crypto), consult your transactions and more on your own wallet. You are in control, you own the bank.

The HODL payment gateway provides businesses and individuals with the perfect tool to manage cryptocurrencies. You can start accepting payments in cryptocurency in just a few minutes by pluging-in the payment gateway if you have an online shop, or installing the HODL Point-of-Sale application (web-based and Android app) for your physical shop.

After you configured your online presence in our merchant list, you can start the promotion of your products and services to thousands of cryptocurrency users from all over the globe.

HODL payment gateway is designed to increase crypto-payments sales for merchants. Going with HODL for payments means acquiring more crypto-payments and less card payments. More digital cash and less fiat currencies. Always with the ability to convert in near real-time part or all crypto-payment into a certain currency (whether fiat or crypto).

The HODL wallet is your digital cash wallet. It allows you to receive or send funds, sell or buy currencies, pay or get paid online or offfline. HODL is more than a wallet, it is also your banking partner. Transactions view, account value, all your financial transactions are available, orderly presented as it would be with you traditional online banking. But here you own the bank! And here you choose the level of security and anonymity of your wallet.

From owning anonymously a wallet to entrusting us for safekeeping under your personal verified identity, it is up to you. Strong privacy and anonymity sensitive HODLers will be assured that HODL wallet can include private keys not on device, no IP association, no identity linking, no transactions tracking, anonymization of your requests by hiding your IP from prying eyes.

Mutli-coins, HODL accept more than 200 digital currencies, is multi language, can manage QRcode, chain and NFC payments. 24 hour live support is also part of the banque HODL experience.


Instant transactions

Instant view of deposits / trades / withdrawals: your deposits are displayed in the real time and appear on your balance instantly


With banque HODL! you will receive support every step of the way. Instant chat with HODL! care team, emails or live talk: We are here to unbank you.


Confirmations, hot/cold storage, advanced 2FA security to ensure the safety of your funds (customizable in your account settings).

Multiple crypto

and fiat currency markets

Trade and exchange

between BTC, XMR, ETH, BTC, EUR, SGD…

World money: facts

  • Global money supply (coins, notes, checking deposits) is worth 37 trillion USD worldwide
  • Worldwide stockmarket are worth 73 trillion USD
  • The world gold is worth 7,7 trillion USD
  • Worldwide coins and bank notes are worth 7,6 trillion USD
  • Credit and debit card payments are worth 0,5 trillion USD worldwide
  • Crypto-currency money supply is worth 0,5 trillion USD worldwide

We are solving a problem

The main idea behind banque HODL, the decentralized crypto-bank, is providing a stable ground for the flourishing of the cryptocurrency industry supported by the massive user adoption of the crypto among the ordinary people. We want to bring together the people, customers, merchants, service providers, with needs and resources that enable them to transact outside of the traditional, fiat supported banking system. _With the idea of HODL in mind, we are creating uses that will ultimately replace all traditional centralised banking operations. Our community, the HODLers are designed to use cryptocurrencies as their main money matters tool. _ Crypto-early adopters all started as crypto-enthusiasts and waited long hours before a transaction was completed. We switched between all of those websites with a limited functionality to accomplish such simple tasks as dropping some e-cash to your wallet. We got tired of filling in countless registration forms, which make the entire process of using cryptocurrency very cumbersome. We've had enough, and we are designing a platform, on which every functionality associated with cryptocurrencies can be presented and can be accessed with a single account.

The team

Amaury Berthet Operations and business verticals View profile on

Amaury Berthet

View profile on

Amaury shares his time between Paris, London and New York.

Serial Startuper, Amaury co-founded three digital marketplaces. He is currently the CEO of LasTable, the same-day restaurant booking service with a discount, currently operating in Paris and Bordeaux with more than 500 merchants and counting.

Amaury oversees Unbank operations and specialises in development of new business verticals (hotels, holidays renting, restaurants and more)

Laszlo Polgar UX / UI Expert View profile on

Laszlo Polgar

View profile on

Laszlo’s a Budapest based UX/UI designer working to solve communication challenges, confusing user experiences and improving his skills from day to day.

Being in love with design and art in his whole life he spent 8 years as graphic designer, later digital art director at multiple advertising agencies, working on multiple award-winning project.

Laszlo helps to improve the user experience of Unbank.

Pascal Xatart Digital payments, loyalty and business logics View profile on

Pascal Xatart

View profile on

Pascal shares his time between London, Singapore and Shanghai.

He is spearheading Giift, a loyalty marketplace with over 25M users in 55 countries. He previously sold Sophis Technology, an equity and derivatives trading software, for a total of 600 Millions $.

Pascal brings to Unbank his expertise in digital payments, loyalty and business logics.

Christophe Collet Drive to store & user acquisition View profile on

Christophe Collet

View profile on

Chris shares his time between London, Paris and New York. He owns S4M, a leading AI platform which helps marketers to buy only incremental in-store visits on line and offline. S4M has more than 200 employees and services more 600 advertisers worldwide and 10 offices around the world. He previously sold Adenyo, a mobile marketing tech for a total of 100 Millions $. Christophe brings to Unbank his expertise in client acquisition, marketing and tech scale.

Binh Nguyen Vietnam business development View profile on

Binh Nguyen

View profile on

Binh is based in Vietnam.

Binh has an extensive track record in mobile technology firms and demonstrated his sales and technical skills in Viettel, the largest vietnamese operator, Huawei, the largest chinese integrator or Ericsson.

Binh is bringing to Unbank his ability to start-up operations and build local communities.

William Auriol Cross border merchants acquisition View profile on

William Auriol

View profile on

William shares his time between Brussels, Paris and Hong-Kong

As a CEO of the Smurfs brand for 5 years, he generated 3 billions $ in public sales turnover, including 900 millions $ with two Sony Picture movies.

William is the Co-Founder of Unbank and oversees the acquisition of cross border merchants, offline and online.

Loic Evrard Chief Financial Officer View profile on

Loic Evrard

View profile on

Loic shares his time between Paris, Brussels and the rest of the world.

He was the CFO of different big Group. He just left a large Group in place for 15 years in the services which achieving 3 Billion of Turnover in 2018 against 220 Million in 2003. This group manages 150 000 people in about fifty countries in the world on all continents. He has carried out several debt-raising operation, including High Yield Market, more than 600 Million euros.

Loic supports the Unbank project to provide his financial expertise. He will organize the financial and reporting strategy to secure investors. In addition, he will ensure the rules of internal processes and internal control. In particular, in the context of financial flows and transactions between users and merchants..

Adeel Ghazali Pakistan business development View profile on

Adeel Ghazali

View profile on

Adeel is residing in Islamabad, Pakistan.

For the last 7 years Adeel has build up and managed pakistani operations of Kreatif Bersama, the largest indonesian VAS provider.

Being able to develop and maintain both government and C level networking, Adeel is also involved in tactical tasks, allowing him to execute successfully the company’s strategy. More than 30 millions content downloads have been generated through his leadership.

Adeel brings to Unbank his expertise in executing locally and dealing with a decentralized team of professionals throughout the world

Matthieu Cavalié Strategic direction View profile on

Matthieu Cavalié

View profile on

Matthieu shares his time between Jakarta, Rome and Moscow.

He is a worldwide expert in mobile payments. Over the last 10 years, he generated more than one billion mobile transactions.

Matthieu is the Co-Founder of Unbank and oversees strategic direction of the company.

Nida Nuraida Human resources & Indonesian Ambassador View profile on

Nida Nuraida

View profile on

ida is spending her time between Indonesia and Italy.

Nida has co-founded PT Kreatif Bersama, the largest indonesian VAS
provider. KB ass it is familarly spoken has generated more than 500
million USD revenues since inception in 2016.

Nida brings to Unbank her know-how in human ressources management, local
business context and finance.

Richard Scott Blockchain, branding & Marketing View profile on

Richard Scott

View profile on
Sergei Lavrinenko Tokenomics expert View profile on

Sergei Lavrinenko

View profile on
Roland Venesz CTO View profile on

Roland Venesz

View profile on
Julien Brodier Blockchain & middleware integrations View profile on

Julien Brodier

View profile on

Julien is a systems integration and blockchain expert. Cofounder in 2012 of Talium, a blockchain and middleware engineering service company, he leverages 14 years of process digitization projects, the last 12 as a CTO and last 2 as senior architect on real-life customer blockchain projects such as Sunchain (P2P energy), Legolas (cryptocurrency exchange for institutional investors) and BCDiploma (GDPR-compliant document certification). Julien holds an engineering degree from Polytech Nancy (France) and a MSc in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden).

Sebastian Spiteri UK Business development View profile on

Sebastian Spiteri

View profile on

Shares his time between Seoul, Malta and London

Sebastian co-founded and runs Coinounce GmbH, a localisation and marketing agency for companies carrying out a token sale (ICO). Based in Zug, the agency has a portfolio of clients which have raised over $200 million.

Starting in the industry as an analyst for a proprietary investment fund, Sharpe Capital. Sebastian now undertakes research into the use case of blockchain technology in trade finance and supply chain management.

Sebastian brings to Unbank his experience and network in the process of carrying out a token sale; from marketing to investor relations.

Rick Evans Digital creativity View profile on

Rick Evans

View profile on


François de Chezelles Strategic advisor View profile on

François de Chezelles

View profile on
Jean-Etienne Durand Fundraising View profile on

Jean-Etienne Durand

View profile on
Michelangelo Principe Legal Advisor View profile on

Michelangelo Principe

View profile on
With the banque HODL wallet, you are just equiped to be free from your existing centralized banker.

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